kit10notk9 (kit10notk9) wrote,

Fun with words

In response to spikesgirl58's "Fun with words".
1. Nosocomephrenia - Don't understand. (that's the definition) XD
2. Palpebrate - You feel like you're being nagged.  You've been nagged so badly you can physically feel it.
3. Weener - The politician with the same name who showed his genitalia (which people nickname with the same name) on social media and that he calls his little Weener (because lots of men call their penis, "little fill in blank with their own name"); which makes him a major looser (which many people would call a Weener).
4. Sphragistics - The logistics of the downward spiral of the intelligence of today's spin-doctors.
5. Shoding - The act of putting on shoes. Usually what a farier does to horses.
6. Bonnyclabber - The milk was churned into 'good' cream.

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