kit10notk9 (kit10notk9) wrote,

SPOOON!!!! *

This is a measuring teaspoon.It doesn't hold much.
{This is most fan fiction's measurment of Ron Weasley's emotional depth.}
This is a teaspoon with tea cup & saucer. This spoon is what JKR envisioned was Ron Weasley's emotional depth.

This is called a mayonaise spoon.
It is used to get the last bit of mayo or jam from a jar.. (long handle is to get into the jumbo family size jars)
I have one that is the size of a iced tea teaspoon, A.K.A. the parfait spoon. (also used for icecream sodas & milkshakes)  Parfait spoons are what I imagined was Ron's emotional depth.

Parfait spoons hold less than those used for tea, and mayonaise spoons hold less than parfait spoons.
And all of them hold more than the measuring spoon.

Then there is this. . . The slotted spoon.  It's used when you want to seperate solids from liquids when cooking or serving. (Such as when you want to serve green peas without having to pour out the cooking liquid.)
[This is the type of spoon envisioned in fan fic when Ron is an utter arse or is written as Evil!Ron.]

Which spoon do you use in your fanfic as Ronald's emotional depth????????

*The warcry of the comicbook/cartoon superhero The Tick.

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