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Copied from stardust 1161

Let's see just how country you really are.
10 - 20: A little country
20 - 30: Pretty much country
30 - 40: Bonafide country

I got 31 & I've lived in the country most of my life.
How many have you done?

Have you ever...
1. Owned pellet or BB gun as a kid? no
2. Owned a real gun? Yep!
3. Shot a real gun? YES!
4. Gone squirrel or rabbit hunting? yep.
5. Gone fishing? Yeppers!
6. Owned or used a sling shot? Yes.
7. Plucked a chicken/turkey? No.
8. Gathered wild ginseng? NO.
9. Eaten deer meat? Yep, more than once.
10. Eaten frog legs? I have.
11. Fed a baby farm animal with a bottle? Yep.
12. Gathered fresh eggs? No.
13. Driven a stick shift? Yes, several vehicles.
14. Started a vehicle using a manual choke? yes.
15. Rode around town in the back of a pick-up truck? yes.
16. Shucked corn? YES
17. Waded barefoot in a creek? yes.
18. Caught fireflies in a jar at night? Yep, every summer.
19. Tasted wild honeysuckle? There's a tame version??? yes</b>.
20. Gathered wild blackberries? yes.
21. Used an outhouse? Yep.
22. Rode a horse? Yes.
23. Smelled the scent of cured tobacco hanging in tobacco barn? yes
24. Taken the ashes out of a wood stove?yes
25. Carried in wood? yes
26. Walked barefoot down a gravel or dirt road? yes
27. Slept in a tent?yes
28. Been attacked by a rooster? No.
29. Eaten raw apple, potato or turnip off the blade of a pocket knife?yes
30. Dipped skoal or chewed chewing tobacco or applied it to a bee sting?bee sting
31. Eaten homemade snow Ice Cream? Yes!
32. Used a pump to draw water from a well? No.
33. Been on a hay ride? Yep.
34. Jumped into a pile of raked leaves? yes
35. Carved your initials into the side of a tree? No.
36. Sucked on the end of an old piece of water hose in order to siphon gas out of a gas tank? No.
37. Been shocked by an electric fence? yes
38. Split wood with an ax? Yeppers.
39. Hung laundry outside on a clothes line to dry? Yep!
40. Eaten fried bologna? yes

Copy & post. 😁
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