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I cooked today because my mom didn't feel like it.
One 6 1/2 lb quadruple amputee turkey {no wings no legs} cooked at 350F for 4 1/2 hrs
one pot of box style mashed potatoes
2 cans each of green beans (drained), mushrooms (Drained), cream of mushroom soup + 75% of water in 1 can
plus one can of french fried onions.
1 can of cranberry jelly
1 package of powdered gravy (just add boiling water)
2 boxes Stove Top dressing.
2 pots hot tea
2 pumpkin pies made with homemade pumpkin pie spices.
two football games
4 episodes of Escape to the Country
1/2 of a Martha Stewart episode
2 Emeril Lagasse episodes
4 very full people
who are very sleepy.

My mom did dishes today because I didn't feel like it.
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