kit10notk9 (kit10notk9) wrote,

Aw Shucks

It's summertime & our friends have gardens.
So we get free food
Earlier this evening our church choir director called wanting to know if we would like some fresh corn on the cob. It seems that last night the raccoons had figured out how to bypass the intricate electric fence her husband had put up to keep them out of the corn. In a act of frustration & anger for a usually calm and quiet man, he harvested the entire field & plowed the stalks under earlier today.
There were six other members of the choir & their three grown daughters who also got goodies.
We ended up with:
1 gallon of pole beans,
4 huge heirloom yellow & red tomatoes, (3 now, we ate one with supper)
2 gallons of blueberries, [we may make jam]
2 gallons of green zucchini & crook neck yellow squash.
1 mess of okra (enough to fry for 6 people)
2 bushels of yellow & white sweet corn still in the husks picked fresh today. [I've already shucked 3 dozen ears for tomorrow's lunch.]
1 plastic shopping bag of apples

Tomorrow we will be shucking corn, & cutting it into 3 inch segments to freeze.
all that is smaller than that will be cut to make creamed corn or to add to make sweet cornpone.

The okra harvest starts at the end of the month.
I am still looking for a jam/jelly recipe that uses okra.
Or I may attempt to create okra wine.

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