kit10notk9 (kit10notk9) wrote,

Yes/No list

Snagged from nakeisha who snagged it from doylebaby

Have you ever:

Driven 100 mph - yes, (in a Yugo, up hill)
Ridden in a helicopter - yes, to hospital (but don't remember it)
Gone zip lining - yes, we had one in grade school & at Girl Scout Camp
Been to an NFL game - no
Been to Canada - yes
Visited Mexico - no
Visited Vegas - no
Eaten alone at a restaurant - yes
Ability to read music - yes, (slowly)
Ridden a motorcycle - no
Ridden a horse - yes
Stayed in a hospital - yes
Donated blood - yes
Been snow skiing - no, but I have waterskied
Been to Disney World/Disney Land (Paris) - yes to Disney World (Florida)
Slept outside - yes
Driven a stick shift - yes
Ridden in a 18 wheeler - yes
Ridden in a police car - yes
Driven a boat - no, if you only count motorized boats. yes if you count sailboats, canoes & rowboats.
Eaten Escargot - no
Been on a cruise - no
Run out of gas/petrol - no
Been on TV - no
Eaten sushi - yes
Seen a UFO - no
Been bungee jumping - no

What have you done??

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