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As seen on TV

Over the weekend I caught a episode of Jamie Oliver's PBS show "Jamie Oliver's Quick and Easy Food" where he made this amazingly simple fried flat bread.

1. It's bread
2. It's fried

Since I had all the ingeedints I decided to try making it tonight.

What you need:
 12 in non stick skillet,  electric grill will do in a pinch.
 large mixing bowl & serving/mixing spoon.
roling pin
spatua or fork
AP flour [all purpose]
plain yogurt

in mixing bowl place:
3 (heaping) mixing/serving size spoonsfull of AP flour
3 (heaping) mixing/serving size spoonsfull of plain (unflavored) yogurt.
1 mixing/servig size spoon full of oil (your favorite type)
pinch of salt.

mix everything together until flour blends into yougurt

spread flour onto clean flat surface and empty dough onto four
knead until dough is no longer sticky

pinch off a ping pong sized ball of dough and roll flat with rolling pin
place in hot (ungreased) skilit
cook untlil side one is crispy,
start rolling out next ball of dough
flip first one over friy other side
put next rolled out bread in skillet.

I doubled the recepie for four.
patted them out palm sized & Cooked them on the electric griddle
We had bread & butter for appetizers  (except for my sister who added grape jelly)
And kept the rest warmed in the oven to go with spagahtti for supper.
[The leftovers will be eaten with butter & homemade jelly for breakfast.]
Mine were nowhere near as pretty looking.  Numy tasting though.

I used Greek yoghurt and thought it made the bread taste a bit sweet.
Texturaly they were close to a pancake, somewhat reminicent of potato pancakes made with mashed potatos.

Oliver claims this recepie takes between 12 to 15 min start to fininsh.
(The man didn't include how long it takes to do the washing-up)


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